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Oncoming and past events

Medieval and Fantastic Week-End

We have been attending to the Medieval and Fantastic Week-end for three years. Event organised by the Sci-Fi of Noumea, it takes place in Bourail or Dumbea area. Each year, we propose a workshop of Middle Ages and Renaissance dancing opened to everybody.

Brittany Days - Gouel Breizh

Since a few years, we have been trying to organize "The Brittany Days" in Noumea. The 2015 and 2016 editions were a real success and especially thanks to Sebastien and all his team of the "Fronton Etchekan".

National Celtic Festival - Vic, Australia

The biggest interceltic festival of the South Hemisphere takes place during four days in the Melbourne area. It is such a great occasion for Celtic cultural exchanges so far away from Western Europe. Here, we get the opportunity to attend exciting Irish dancing sessions and workshops, to introduce Breton dancing to a new audience and especially to listen to wonderful musicians !

September 2012 - Back from New Zealand, photos and videos with our friend John Bell's former Scottish Country Dancing group.

January 2012 - Australia Day at North Sydney Celtic Festival

Organised each year by the Australia Celtic Council. Dancing, music, traditionnal costumes and celtic flags under the bridge of Sydney !

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