Celtic Club of Noumea

Australian Celtic Festival – Glen Innes, NSW

In 2018, we were invited to attend the Australian Celtic Festival which takes place every year in Glen Innes, NSW, in the Australian “Highlands”.

Australia’s most traditional interceltic festival had chosen to celebrate Brittany, Galicia and Asturias in the heart of the region most attached to the Celtic roots of its predominantly Scottish pioneers.

As always in these events, and beyond the activities specific to our participation (Breton or medieval dance workshops, parades in traditional costume or others …), the most pleasant moments are those which lead to meet new people.

And during these four days, they have been numerous and friendly once again. So we wish to thank Glenys and the Northern Celts for their joyful participation in our dance workshops, to the Australian-Galician group Senor Cabrales to the music of which we danced a lot, to the famous Murphy’s pigs and his charismatic leader John, undoubtedly one of the Australian musicians among the most francophiles. And many thanks also to the Celtic Council of Australia and more particularly to Dr. Pamela O’Neill of the Australian School of Celtic Learning who very kindly proposed to parade with the Breton flag with us.

And above all, we wish to thank warmly the very friendly, and curiously, so numerous people who were so eager to tell us about their wonderful experience of “Lorient” as soon as we talked about Brittany … !!!